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Designed to meet the requirements of international sanitary design and hygienic habitudes, the E-Breeze combines the proved reliability of Tecma marine toilet systems, with the innovative technology of the electronic multifunction bidet.

The installation is easy and is ideal also for interiors, where there is no space for a separated bidet or where weight saving is required. A full set of certifications guarantees the quality of this new product: CQC, CE, IC, IEC, IECEE. The multifunction electronic bidet is activated by an elegant wireless remote control. This is a pure combination of hygiene and technology in a heavy duty and fully certified marine solution.

Electronic bidet features

  • Posterior, feminine and ‘kids’ cleaning program
  • Massage function
  • Heated seat with variable temperature setting
  • Warm water with variable temperature setting
  • Dryer
  • Deodorized
  • Function IIP (intensive impulse pulsation). Variable spray
  • Automatic cleansing of the wands

Also on board of: Benetti Classic 131’ – 2013.

China ceramic Italian Ceramic Weight Toilet = 29 kg (66.1 lbs) Control panels Wide range of control panels
Slient flush Silent flush Low consumption Low consumption Flush 0.5 – 2.7 L per flush (0.1-0.7 gal)
Integrated bidet Multifunction integrated bidet Soft closing Soft closing


Contact us for 2d or 3d files.

Note: Dimensions in millimeters / inches



Weight 30 kg (66.1 lbs)
Water Usage 0.5 / 2.7 L (0.1-0.7 gal)


Standard Optional
Color White Any color
Seat and cover Multifunction seat and cover
Thermosetting with soft closing system
Outlet pump MAC 11 12/24v MAC 11 110/230 v
Inlet device Solenoid Inlet pump
Control panel All in one Multiframe / Argent / Touch / Premium / Premium Touch
Bidet Electronic integrated bidet N/A

COMPONENT 1 - Outlet Pump (waste water)

Outlet PumpMAC 11
outlet pump
macerator turbine
12V dc 24V dc 110V ac 230V ac
Fuse recommended 40 A 30 A 8 A 5 A
Pump performance Max 270 l/min 71.3gm
Max vertical head 11mt 36.1ft
Max horizontal distance 90 mt 295.3ft
Outlet Duck Bill valve (male) 1,5″ / required ID 1,5″ (38,5mm)
Nozzle Inlet fitting (barbed) 1/4″

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COMPONENT 2 - Inlet device (clean water)


centralized system
12V dc 24V dc 110V ac 230V ac
Power consumption 9.5 W 10 W 6 W 6 W
Working pressure recommended 3 bar 3 bar 3 bar 3 bar
Solenoid Inlet  & Outlet (threaded female) 1/2″
raw water pump
single system
12V dc 24V dc
Fuse 8A 4A
Pressure 45 PSI – 3 bar
Water flow 12 L/min 3.17 gmp

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COMPONENT 3 - Control Panel

Control panel all-in-one
Standard Sensor Switch
Compatible with all commercial bezels
Pneumatic Sensor
Elegant metal push button
Ultimate hi-tech glass touch panel
Patented silicon pad control
panel with software
Ultimate patented hi-tech glass
touch panel with software
Premium Premium Touch STA Adaptor

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Electronic bidet technical details

Personalized controls Wireless Remote Control – Batteries (AAA x 3)
Power supply AC 220 ~ 240 V 50 Hz
Maximum power consumption 1160 ~ 1380 W
Tap water pressure 0.79 – 7.40 Atm
Heated seat Temperature Adjustable (3 levels) / 34 °C – 40 °C
Safety device Temp. fuse
Power consumption 55 ~ 65 W
Hygiene Temperature Adjustable (3 levels) / 34 °C – 40 °C
Water spray Adjustable (5 levels – max 1 l/min)
Safety devices Temp fuse / Thermal switch / Floating switch
Power consumption 1100 ~ 1309 W
Air dryer Temperature Temperature Adjustable (5 levels)
Safety device Temp. fuse
Power consumption 280 ~ 333 W
Electricity safety protection 15 mA – GFCI
Power cord lenght 1800 mm
N° of wands 2
Degree of Protection: IP24

  • Thetford_Marine_Catalog_International 6.6 MB

  • Spares Tecma Design Line 151 KB

  • Installation User Manual Tecma Design Flexi Line 7.5 MB

Which spares are suggested on board?

Normally a control panel and a pump are enough. Any case, keeping a kit of rubber hoses too will make it possible to reset a completely toilet. Inlet solenoid is normally a very reliable component.

What kind of tube has to be used?

Tecma macerator pump is able to discharge through any kind of tube (armovir, PVC, safe odor….). Check the diameter. Is it possible to flush into DN32, but this reduced section requires more power. Whenever is possible, use DN40.

Is it possible to use acid or aggressive products for cleaning the toilet?

Plastic and rubber components of the toilet have been tested with several commercial cleaning agents. Normally no problem has been found. Any case, products containing vinegar, acetone, trielina and generic solvents must be avoided, because they can make the rubber fragile. Avoid the usage of products in gel or in foam, because they could close the air vent tube.

Is frequently maintenance needed?

Tecma products do not need a specific maintenance or winterization. Any case, the usage of additives could be helpful (Thetford Tank Freshener) to maintain the discharge pipeline clean. This kind of product helps in avoiding odors and in flushing. It is safe for plastics and tubes. For inlet pump and solenoids, keep the strainers clean.

Is it possible to connect more toilets to the same line?

Yes. In this case a “Y” fitting is needed, in spite of “T” ones, to drive the flow to the tank. Always add a siphon break to prevent siphoning.


Ceramic is suitable for toilet application for the surface high level of hygiene. Use only non abrasive, non-petroleum products to clean the pump. Never use household cleaners,
which can contain bleach. Bleach, strong acid or petroleum-based products can cause irreversible damage to the rubber component of the macerator pump.


Tecma is designed to process only toilet paper. Do not use other kind of tissue paper or kitchen paper towel. Thetford’s Aqua-Soft toilet paper is recommended.


Only human waste and toilet paper should be put in to the toilet. Never flush foreign materials (e.g. paper towels, pre-moistened wipes, condoms, feminine hygene products, dental floss, household garbage, etc.)

Bad odors

If you have bad odours, be sure the smell is really coming out from the toilet. Sometimes the hot environment and the absence of usage could cause the drying of the water in the siphons of shower and sink (smaller than the toilet one). The siphon are used as “water traps”. Once they are dry, a direct connection for the air from the sewage and the bathroom is created. Then you have the bad odor. If the odor is from the toilet it means there is direct connection with the tank. Check that the system is designed properly and that, after use, the toilet remains isolated from the tank with a water trap.

Flushing the toilet – 2 buttons control panel

Press “BEFORE USE” before using the toilet. This will fill the toilet with a small amount of water. Press “AFTER USE” after using the toilet. This will start the flushing cycle: At the end of the cycle the toilet will remain empty. The amount of clean water used for the flushing can be adjusted. Recommended water level is 1 cm above ceramic discharge hole.

Flushing the toilet – 1 button control panel

After pressing the button, the flushing cycle will start automatically. At the end of the cycle the toilet will be refilled with a small amount of water ready for next use.The amount of clean water used for the flushing can be adjusted. Recommended water level is 1 cm above ceramic discharge hole.


  • Inlet Ventilation Valve
  • Outlet Ventilation Valve
  • Pneumatic Tank Sensor
  • Inductive Tank Sensor
  • Touch control panel
  • Argent Touch control panel
  • Multiframe control panel
  • All-in-one control panel
  • Premium control panel
  • Premium Touch control panel

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